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A series of assignments for W Magazine in artist studios throughout NYC.

Painting The World As They See It

3/5/21, by Drew Zeiba, Siddhartha Mitter and Camille Okhio

Hugh Hayden Explores The Thorny Sides Of the American Dream

10/27/21, by Arthur Lubow

In the Studio With Peter Schlesinger, Creative Legend

1/14/22, by Alex Needham

Inside Ana Benaroya’s Studio, Where the Women Have No Shame

4/1/22, by Stephanie Eckardt

Project DetailsVisuals and Content Director: Alexandra Ben-Gurion; Senior Visuals Editor: Oona Wally; Commissioning Photo Editor: Michael Beckert

Louis Fratino

Anna Weyant

Peter Schlesinger

Hugh Hayden

María Berrío

Ana Benaroya

The Met

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